What trends can intelligent manufacturing bring to the industrial & embedded market?

- Dec 06, 2018-

In order to improve the production efficiency and accomplish the things that the labor force can not do, the industrial automation emerges as the times require. It is the inevitable trend of industrial development. It is to use all the applicable technologies and materials to realize the self-production of the manufacturing process. The innovation of industrial automation will lead to a new round of active industrial control market. 


The importance of industry mainly includes the following aspects: 

1. As the most important industry in a country's economy, the importance of manufacturing industry is self-evident, especially in China.

2. With the introduction of the concept of Internet, the traditional industry will introduce new terms, such as industrial big data, industrial cloud computing and so on, which will realize the innovation of industrial revolution again. 

Industrial automation industry automation is the premise of industrial interconnection, industrial Internet brings unlimited economic potential. 

The interconnection of the whole world makes the new applications become popular in the field of manufacturing. With the penetration of various advanced Internet means and the perfection of manufacturing equipment, the development scale of industrial automation is becoming more and more powerful. At present, the global scale of automation has reached more than 300 billion euros, and the integration of the Internet into the industrial market will reach tens of trillion. 

Under the background of intelligent manufacturing, industrial control market shows the following development trend: traditional automation products develop from single to integrated and intelligent. Will add to the original communication network functions, artificial intelligence will also be implemented at all levels of dcs. The use of standardized industrial protocols and data platforms makes the interaction between the control system and the outside world more convenient, and the operation of industrial control products will become simpler, more modular, and more convenient to use. The supplier integrates each party consultation to build the big data platform which integrates management, control and intelligence, wants to occupy a broader place in the industrial control market.