Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) validation is a mandatory requirement for electrical and electronic product commercialization in international markets. TAICENN always work closely together with our our laboratories test partners, so that we have the capable facilities, the experts and the knowledge required to collaborate from product development up to product certification. So, TAICENN Lab-validated EMC tests are not only refer to our standard products, but also our ODM & customized solution and products.

As a solution provider & manufacturer of embedded computer system, TAICENN is uniquely positioned to provide testing and validation of our hardware solutions and necessary integration support. We are very happy to provide lab-validated solutions and products to our customers, so as to reduce any potential safety risk.

Why do you need a lab-validated service?

Even though we had a long years engineering experience and capability, but to design or customize a new computer system solutions & products are always difficult to 100% comply with EMC regulation. Moreover, the hardware in customer’s application environment can be complex, so the validating might be time consuming. Since TAICENN have already build up an excellent relationship with our laboratories test partners, allowing us to validate TAICENN solutions & products before delivery. These proven validation is able to simplify deployment and reduce safety risk to our customers.

Our Lab-validated service helps:

   - Reduce validation cost;

   - Save project deployment time;

   - Reduce your deployment risks;

   - Gain a qualified and proven certificate and testing report;

   - Increase system reliability and stability.

Lab validated EMC

Our mission:

Rapid technology advancements, regulation requirements and government initiatives are forcing lots of difficulties to quick adoption. As a solution provider & manufacturer of embedded computer system products, TAICENN is very happy to provide reference consultation, test service, so as to help customer enjoy our one-stop ODM & customize service.