19th CHIME Exhibition In 2019

- Dec 29, 2018-

The “China Harbin International Industrial Automation and Instrumentation Exhibition” is held in the same period as the “China Harbin International Equipment Manufacturing Expo” (short “CHIME”), and is an important part of the “CHIME”. The “CHIME” is co-sponsored by the People's Government of Heilongjiang Province and the People's Government of Harbin, and the Industrial and Information Commission of Heilongjiang Province, the Heilongjiang Provincial Council for the Promotion of Trade and Development, the Harbin Industrial and Information Committee, the Harbin Free Trade Promotion Association and the Harbin Citic Weiye Exhibition Co., Ltd. are the only professional exhibition of international mechanical industry, which is currently held in Heilongjiang, and is intended to cooperate with the state to continue to promote the strategic measures for the overall revitalization of the old industrial base in the Northeast. 

With the gradual expansion of the industrial structure adjustment, upgrading and strategic emerging industries in various fields of our country's national economy, the demand for high-end manufacturing equipment of the user industry has increased dramatically. The high-end equipment manufacturing industry has a new round of development opportunity. In addition, the rising of the manpower and the production cost of Heilongjiang has also led to the demand of the local market for the modern high-efficiency intelligent equipment and the automation system. The innovation will be a vital role in the field of industry. 

The target audience of this exhibition covers the industry: metallurgy, petrifaction, automobile, electric power, building materials, paper making, medicine, tobacco, food and other industrial users, water treatment, environmental protection, municipal, transportation, logistics, intelligent building, telecommunication, finance and other industry users, textile machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery, plastic machinery, machine tools and large-scale equipment manufacturing, design institute, system integrator and higher education institution. 

Exhibition date: May 16-18, 2019 

Exhibition place: Harbin International Conference and Exhibition Center, Harbin (No. 301, Hongqi Street, Harbin) 

Exhibition scope: 

1. Industrial process control and monitoring the invention relates to an industrial control machine, a programmable controller, an emulator, a PLC controller, a hierarchical division control device, an automatic control device, an intelligent control device, a fuzzy control device, an industrial camera and a monitoring device and a network monitoring system.

2. Factory automation equipment a numerical control system, a servo system, a manipulator, a robot, an AGV trolley and a numerical control digital display device. 

3. Computer integrated manufacturing system and related technology CAD/ CAM/ CAE/ CAPP, FMS, CIMS, computer equipment, working platform, application software and development tools. 

4. Application of computer technology in industrial automation and external equipment Computer sound, image, graphics processing, network technology, multimedia technology, virtual technology, on-site bus technology and network technology. 

5. Automatic instruments and instruments and sensors Measuring instrument, measuring instrument, positioning system, sound and photoelectric infrared far infrared measuring and controlling instrument, inertial instrument, field effect measuring device, intelligent instrument, various physical and chemical inspection equipment, special (high-temperature and high-pressure micro-pressure low-temperature) instrument, various temperature and pressure flow sensors and special sensors. 

6. Automatic instrument and system Industrial inspection, control technology and instrument, virtual technology and instrument, industrial instrument calibration technology and instrument, network and communication technology, on-site bus technology and intelligent instrument, integrated automation technology, advanced control technology and strategy, industrial automation software technology, instrument standardization, reliability and quality, instrument and automation application technology. 

7. Executive element and mechanism various fluid transmission and control devices, hydraulic, hydraulic, pneumatic, motor and electric devices, novel motors, electric transmission devices, variable frequency speed regulating devices, various novel valves, components and seals. 

8. Comprehensive quality control NDT technology and equipment, physical and chemical inspection technology and equipment, quality monitoring technology in production process, material test technology and test equipment, and other test equipment. 

9. Other industrial automation equipment various industrial robots, packaging machines, painting automation lines, hardness measuring equipment, stress measuring equipment, and stress relieving equipment.

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