5G Future Need Develop Together

- Dec 12, 2018-

5 G future needs to build together


5 G technology tends to mature, but does not equal to the market mature. It depends on the conversion rate of the technology, and I think that only when the market is really mature, is the success in the market is the real success, the final success. 5G is now in the middle of the conversion process. 5G is different from the communication technology in the past. In the pre-4G era, users simply used networks. But in the 5 G age, users are not only 5 G users, but also 5 G participants and collaborators. Therefore, in the process of realizing 5G market maturation, we should guide the whole society to participate in the 2018 future ICT international symposium and become the common voice of the guests. 

Xi Guohua, chairman of the China Communications Standardization Association, believes that a broad industrial chain of cross-border integration should be established. We are talking about the 5 G industrial chain, often from a narrow point of view. From chip design, contract manufacturing, testing, packaging, instrumentation and so on. However, the 5G era should define the industrial chain from a broad perspective, which should take the consumer market and the industrial application market into consideration and be cultivated together. In addition to the industry, government guidance and enterprise promotion should be echoed, play a visible hand and invisible hand. The government will make up for the insufficiency of the industrial chain. "because the 5G industrial chain is very long, the enterprise is the main body of innovation, but it has limitations. An enterprise does not see the whole situation in the industry. Moreover, the enterprises tend to be more profitable and are more interested in the industrial chain that is more profitable. But in order to make the whole 5G industrial chain perfect, we must have a complete industrial chain, this task should be completed by the government layout. Encourage and even organize further integration and collaboration between vertical and communications industries or ICT industries.''

China Mobile to the future of network construction to introduce external wisdom named "wisdom crowdfunding." For example, mobility algorithms, sky feed optimization algorithms, operators can optimize themselves, but some universities, scientific research institutions and innovation companies will also have some ideas, can be imported into the network platform, Introduce the ability crowdfunding to the network platform. For the creation of 5 G application ecological, NTT DoCoMo also hope to work with partners to create a win-win situation.

In February this year, NTT DoCoMo launched an open cooperation program in Japan. So far, the number of partners has reached 1800, and the company aims to achieve cooperation with 2000 partners by March next year. In order to achieve this goal, NTT DoCoMo has done a lot of work, in addition to strengthening communication and matching the needs with partners, brainstorming and sharing ideas together, and in order to materialize the various ideas, the company is also based in Tokyo. Osaka and Okinawa and other places opened 5 G open laboratory for partners and the public visit, use. More than 900 people from more than 300 companies have used the open lab. To bring 5G closer to the public, NTT DoCoMo also opened up a 5G experience space, called PLAY 5G, at the top of the clear sky tower in Tokyo. It causes industry and ordinary people to recognize 5G, and absorbs the whole society to participate in 5G technology development and business model exploration. 

Chen Lan, director of the NTT DoCoMo Beijing Institute, said: "We think the three pillars of digital transformation are 5G AI IoT, which enables users to have a new experience and at the same time opens up new markets. As carriers, we will work with our partners to create new value. "