5G Helps Industrial Robots Upgrade?

- Jun 18, 2019-

In view of the characteristics of 5G, some insiders analyzed the arrival of 5G to help upgrade industrial robots:

5G Helps industrial robots upgrade?

First, in terms of safety, it is believed that when the 5G technology is connected to the industrial robot, the working state of the industrial robot can be monitored in real time. Once an emergency situation occurs, the remote stop operation can be quickly performed, thereby effectively preventing the industrial robot from injuring people.

Second, in terms of cloudization, in the intelligent manufacturing production scenario, robots need self-organization and coordination capabilities to meet flexible production, which brings the demand for robots to cloud. For robots to achieve cloudization, wireless communication networks must have extremely low latency and high reliability. 5G technology just has these features.

Third, in terms of flexibility, it is believed that the high speed of the 5G network will enable the robot to accept information and task instructions more efficiently and quickly during the application process, and 5G can connect tens of thousands and hundreds of millions of devices for huge data volume. Delivery provides the possibility, which has a certain promotion effect on the development of artificial intelligence robots.

But the imagination is always beautiful, everything has to return to reality, and the overwhelming view that "5G will make industrial robots change" needs to be treated calmly.

5G solves the transmission problem, and the impact on the industrial robot itself is not so great. However, 5G will have a great impact on the industrial Internet, and robots, as a very important terminal for industrial interconnection, will enable more industrial robots to access 5G functions.