5G Leads The Development Of Industrial Automation

- Mar 12, 2020-

Entering the era of intelligent manufacturing and automation, all devices are increasingly dependent on connectivity, and 5G is seen as the key technology for industrial intelligence. 5G can reliably process a large amount of data, can connect smart devices and machines, and it has high network speed, large bandwidth and ultra-low latency characteristics, and it has also helped to promote the application of vehicle-networking and autonomous driving technology.

High latency makes it very difficult to remotely control the machine. Thanks to the advancement of technology, the maximum peak rate of 5G can reach 20Gb/s, the maximum rate is 500km/h, and the delay time is 1ms. It can simultaneously process a large number of connected cars and smart devices.


5G not only has faster network speeds than 4G, but also has advanced encryption technology. It also supports user identity protection. Compared with 4G, 5G networks also take a big step towards the future. It brings remote control closer to real-time control and improves the safety of the factory environment. The ultra-low latency also allows connected cars to respond instantly, and 5G is expected to advance AI, VR, IoT, and telemedicine technologies.

Swedish construction equipment company Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is actively developing 5G for self-driving cars. Volvo CE is cooperating with Ericsson and Telecom leader Telia. It will test the 5G network at the Eskilstuna research and development plant in Sweden, becoming the country's first This industrial 5G network is also one of the first companies in the world to use 5G technology to create remote control solutions and industrial automation solutions for construction machinery.
Volvo CE President Melker Jernberg said that 5G is an important technical support for the development of automation and will smoothly promote the field of industrial and construction equipment. The Eskilstuna plant's tests include wheeled remote-operated loaders and further testing of the HX2 automated loader.

With the continuous advancement of automation technology, under the blessing of 5G, unmanned technology is gradually emerging in the industrial and equipment fields, which effectively improves productivity and reliability, while making the workplace safer. TAICENN provides stability for industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing. Industrial computing hardware solutions and products, and provide support for 5G interconnection.