5G Technology Push Industry Internet And Automatic Driving

- Mar 19, 2019-

Keywords: "5G"

As a new generation of communication technology, 5G has become a hot spot in the global communications industry. In this regard, Zhang Yunyong, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and president of the China Unicom Research Institute, pointed out: If the upgrade from 3G to 4G is based on speed changes, the upgrade from 4G to 5G is from 10,000 people to everything, and then to Wanzhi. (Artificial Intelligence) The leap of communication. In the era of artificial intelligence, 5G technology is promising.

"I am more looking forward to using 5G technology to develop the industrial Internet and auto-driving areas." Zhang Yunyong said, "This is also a point we are very optimistic about 5G technology applications, and will develop into a point of 5G technology to achieve business model in the future."

Talking about the core of promoting the development of 5G technology, Zhang Yunyong said that the key to promoting the development of 5G depends on "3+1". He introduced that “3” stands for market-driven, policy-driven and technology-driven. At present, China has the world's largest mobile user market, 5G is listed as the focus of national economic work in 2019, and local governments have been actively seeking strategic cooperation in 5G technology. As for technology drivers, there are also constraints on chips and operating systems. "Fundamentally, this is the problem of the entire industry chain. Take the chip as an example, even with the design, materials, production processes, etc. need to be considered comprehensively." Zhang Yunyong said frankly.

Zhang Yunyong said that in addition to the above three key drivers, the development of 5G technology requires some legislative guarantees. For example, the development of autonomous driving requires relevant traffic legislation, drones will involve airspace control, and 5G Industrial Internet involves big data privacy legislation. “Therefore, the key to the future development of the communications industry lies in this ‘3+1’: the three drivers of technology-driven policies driving the market drive, plus a safeguard measure that is industry regulation and legislation.”