Advanced Manufacturing And Intelligent Factory Exhibition Was Held Successfully

- May 29, 2018-

On May 23, the "Ecological Summit of Industrial Connectivity Industry and Advanced Manufacturing and Intelligent Factory Exhibition", jointly organized by Bowen Creative Exhibition, Industrial Control Brother-Lian and Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce, was successfully held at the Venice Hotel in Shenzhen. The conference brought together industry elites such as industry communications, cloud platforms, intelligent manufacturing, government authorities, application terminal leaders, industry analysts and researchers, relevant scholars and industry opinion leaders. Focusing on the theme of "the integration of industrial interconnection ecology", this paper interprets the policy dividend, and probes into the present situation and future development trend of industrial interconnection development. 

At the beginning of the conference, moderator Mr. Wu Yiyu made a brief opening speech on the main theme of the conference, and gave a brief introduction and views on the industrial Internet policy of national and local governments. In this wave of industrial Internet sweeping, the development of the entire industry is very rapid, waiting for no time, brainstorming, industrial interconnection, an important paradigm of intelligent manufacturing to do a good ecological depth integration!

Attention to the upgrading and Transformation of Manufacturing Industry:

As a big province in China, Guangdong is an inevitable choice to accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industry. Despite the increasing downward pressure on the overall economy, the pace of transformation and upgrading of Guangdong's manufacturing industry has been accelerating, the number of strong manufacturing enterprises has been increasing, and the hot spots in the field of intelligent manufacturing are frequently emerging. Guangdong advanced manufacturing industry has become an important supporting force to promote the implementation of "made in China 2025" strategy. 

President Cheng Yi-mu of the Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce concluded that, first, vigorously promoting national policies, and second, the huge demand in the market has provided room for the development of the industrial Internet. At the end of the year, the theme will also be presented to everyone in the form of an "exhibition conference." A series of hot topics of our concern, such as the industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing, will be able to string together and further push to a new climax. Help enterprises to create more development opportunities and opportunities in the process of industrial manufacturing transformation.


Machines promote Social Progress, Industrial Internet enables Innovation:

Chinese industrial status quo is to maintain a good momentum, but still face a lot of difficult challenges. There are ten major predicaments: insufficient innovation capacity, low added value of products, serious overcapacity, lack of high-end personnel, excessive tax burden on enterprises, increasing costs, shortage of capital investment, tight resources and environment, and deterioration of domestic loan environment. Trade barriers are high. In view of this, the tree root interconnection has also made a summary and explanation of the corresponding enterprise information transformation, the direction of the industrial Internet: from the intelligent products, intelligent research and development, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent services, Intelligent finance in these five areas to do the digitization and informatization of enterprises. 

Tree root interconnection in the past two years, in more than 40 industries enabling industrial interconnection, facing the national, global market, promote faster. And will continue to be in a number of industries for industrial empowerment and ecological expansion. Shu said the company aims to provide China with a world-class industrial Internet platform and to provide services to China's traditional industrial manufacturers to help them transform.