Advantages Of Modular Design Of Industrial Panel PC

- Dec 04, 2019-

The modular design of the industrial Panel PC refers to designing different application modules according to different application requirements. Modules of different specifications are connected together in a unified interface to form an industrial Panel PC suitable for different industry needs.


The main advantages of modular industrial Panel PC are:

Shortened production cycle

Easy to upgrade

Easier maintenance

Fast customization

The industrial panel PC TPC series, designed and manufactured with TAICENNT's “modular” concept, can be equipped with a variety of Intel mobile processors, including Baytrail, Apollo lake, 6th or 7th gen. Core i3/i5/i7; high reliability industrial LCD display; EETI controller for both Pcap. and resistive touchscreen; fully supports the front panel IP65 rated standard. The TPC series are available up to 9 different display dimensions from 10.4 to 24.0 inch; multiple mount methods; can be widely used in all kinds of industrial HMI fields, quickly and flexibly meet the needs of various industrial applications.

TAICENN provides high-resolution, high-brightness, light-sensor control, waterproof protection IP standards, mount method, functional solution, and customized structure of the housing structure, and provides long-term stable support for customized solutions and products.