AI Has A Wide Range Of Applications. How To Balance Security And Development?

- Apr 23, 2020-

With the advancement of algorithms and the development of data fusion, the application of artificial intelligence has empowered the entire society to transform and upgrade its intelligence. In the field of intelligent security, AI video is the representative to promote the development of intelligent and visualized video surveillance; in the smart medical industry, artificial intelligence technology in intelligent diagnosis and treatment such as medical auxiliary machines, intelligent drug development, intelligent medical impact, personal intelligent health management, etc. Play a huge role;

More diverse application scenarios mean a broader space for development and also face greater security risks. In 2019, the face recognition technology of the national application of artificial intelligence is in the first year of the outbreak, but it has been questioned by people because of repeated information leakage and hacking.


The application and development of artificial intelligence technology are inseparable from the collection and utilization of data. The continuous update and expansion of data will lead to the risk of information leakage and privacy violation. These data involve all walks of life and various types of subjects. An important factor in the further use of intelligence. In order to promote the steady and safe implementation of artificial intelligence technology, we must guide the healthy development of the industry in law and system, and actively promote the harmonious coexistence of technology and people.

First, improve the security of AI applications in terms of legislation and policies, formulate relevant regulations, provide legal protection for the application security of intelligent technologies, and prevent and control potential risks brought by artificial intelligence technologies.

Second, prevent and control the security risks brought by AI from the technical system. For example, the establishment of an artificial intelligence risk prevention and control system and entity research institutions with a national strategic height, and practically strengthen the construction of various artificial intelligence safety application platforms and artificial intelligence discipline professional construction and talent training

The ultimate goal of technology development is to benefit mankind, so it is indispensable to pursue the progress of science and technology while taking into account the safety needs of users. Through legislation and other methods, clarify the relevant legal responsibility system of artificial intelligence, clarify the data information protection and privacy protection, on this basis, guide enterprises to innovate intelligent technology, reduce the hidden dangers caused by artificial intelligence, and then achieve technical tools and social development Collaborate and unify.