AIAE Exhibition In 2019

- Dec 20, 2018-

Made in China 2025 explicitly proposes to choose ten key areas to break through, in which high-end CNC machine tools, robots and intelligent industries have the core position. Industry 4.0 is the inevitable trend of the combination of manufacturing and information technology, and the transformation from "manufacture" to "intellectual creation" and then to "creation" is realized. With the continuous development of information technology and intelligent industries, the innovation capability of Chinese enterprises is full of vitality, and the strength of intelligent industries can never be underestimated. From aircraft, high-speed rail, nuclear power in traditional industries to industrial intelligence in today's emerging fields, Digital technology, modern intelligent factories and high-end manufacturing are all growing steadily. 


The 15th China Beijing International Industrial Automation Exhibition (AIAE Beijing) will be held in Beijing from June 12 to 14, 2019. China International Exhibition Center held. Founded in 2005, China Beijing International Industrial Automation Exhibition is an industry conference in the field of industrial intelligence. In 2018, it attracted 360 exhibitors from 65 countries and regions, 42 of the world's top 500 enterprises, and a professional audience of 68200 people. The exhibition area of more than 60000 square meters, held in June each year in Beijing, has successfully held 14 sessions, has been domestic and foreign industrial intelligence manufacturers and related service providers as a brand exhibition. 

AIAE China Beijing International Industrial Automation Exhibition covers a number of important areas of industry, including robotics, image technology, sensors, industrial measurement, connection systems, drive and mechanical drive systems and control technologies. To provide China's rapidly growing and increasingly sophisticated manufacturing industry with the solution to the times, is an ideal trading platform to open up the huge Chinese market.