Amazon Robots Will Be Knock Out 99% Of Existing Warehouse Employees

- Jun 11, 2019-

From foreign media reports, in order to improve efficiency, Amazon has been trying new technologies in its own freight warehouse, including the use of robots to scan the goods on the conveyor belt, and in a few seconds, the goods are wrapped in a courier box customized for each item. 

Amazon robots will be knock out 99% of existing warehouse employees

Amazon is investing in the replacement of workers' work by putting these two machines into more logistics warehouses: at least 24 workers can be eliminated from each machine. Usually such a warehouse employs 2,000 people.

It can be seen that once such a robot is actually on the job, it will eliminate nearly 99% of existing warehouse employees, which means that 99% of the existing warehouse staff will lose their jobs.

What kind of industrial changes will such alternative unemployment bring? It is inevitable that robots and AI applications will penetrate into more industries and increase efficiency.

Not much, for Amazon Amazon, one of the global e-commerce representatives, the main problem to be solved by the new robots is one of the most intensive parts of the e-commerce field, which sorts and packages all the packages of customers. This kind of work is replaced by robots and is expected to speed up.

Amazon robots will be knock out 99% of existing warehouse employees

In addition, an Amazon spokesperson said in a statement, "We are doing this to increase security and speed up delivery of goods and improve network efficiency. We hope that the savings can be used to provide new services to customers, and New jobs will also be created."

As a result, in the latest Yahoo Financial News, Amazon saw the launch of robots and tried to deliver automated in the Seattle area. It's amazing to let the robot Amazon Scout send the courier to the user. The Amazon Scout is equipped with six wheels and is battery-powered to move on the sidewalk at walking speed and to bypass pedestrians, pets, etc. on the road.