Analysis On The Developing Trend Of Chinese Manufacturing Industry In 2019

- Dec 27, 2018-

A new change has taken place in China's manufacturing industry in 2017. The innovation practices such as the replacement of factory machines, the interconnection of equipment and the intelligent production have brought good enlightenment to the traditional industries. At the same time, it brings new opportunities and challenges to the automation industry. Some control companies use the Internet of things technology to improve their products, while developing some new technologies. 


What are the trends in the automation industry in 2018? 

1. Lean automation and flat architecture; With the development of technology, a number of high-performance Internet of things products and driver chips, such as processors, sensors, analytical software, visual systems, wireless communication protocols and distributed system architecture. The emergence of these technology products will make automation systems more valuable, and automation manufacturers will integrate higher performance products at lower cost.

2. Internet of things will reduce automation costs; Automation system is being further simplified, from the original five-tier system model to 2-3 layers, the system performance will be further improved and the future software maintenance costs will be reduced, which is also the trend of automation industry development for many years. In the new system model, the controller uses appropriate protocols, such as passing information directly from level 0 to level 4 through web services. 

3. Open architecture of industrial automation, close integration of open system and business system to meet the needs of multi-vendor operation. The traditional industrial automation architecture is currently in the closed stage, but some intelligent community control systems and users have raised the problem of multi-vendor integration. This new "open" mindset aims to create a more responsive, efficient and flexible manufacturing ecosystem that closely integrates customers, suppliers, manufacturers and distribution logistics ecosystems. 

4. Automation manufacturers must accept portable applications; the automation industry faces a very challenging problem and must change the lack of portable mobile applications that are compatible with multiple vendors. If only open automation architecture without open ecosystem, portable innovation applications will be killed. 

5. Edge automation equipment will flourish; now, the internet of things technology is rising rapidly, including high power / low cost communication technology, enabling new intelligent nodes to implement network edge operation to improve manufacturing performance and efficiency This is going to be a new growth trend.

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