Application Of Industrial Computer In Intelligent Traffic Signal Control System

- Dec 04, 2019-

Overview: The industrial control computer centrally controls the traffic lights everywhere, and can also adjust and direct in real time under special circumstances to cope with special traffic conditions.

The traffic signal control system is an intelligent automatic application system based on traffic big data. Based on the big data, the system judges road traffic, pedestrian flow, and road situation. The intelligent traffic signal control system is connected to a flow detector, a queuing length detector, a speed detector, etc., to correct and verify the system timing scheme. Automatically control the time of traffic lights, monitor and report fault conditions, remotely and manually control traffic lights online, and give way to special vehicles such as fire engines, emergency vehicles, police vehicles and other vehicles. The system can set the time of each signal light according to the traffic flow feedback information of each lane and the corresponding algorithm.


TAICENN solution & Product:

As a manufacturer of industrial box computers, industrial panel PC and industrial touch monitor products, TAICENN has repeatedly communicated with system-integrator customers to discuss and summarize the actual application environment and hardware platform requirements. The system requires a reliable fanless industrial Box computer, supports Ubuntu operating system; the system can support remote automatic restart function, support multi-serial ports and device communication, rich IO interface, such as USB, network and wireless expansion function.

TAICENN TBOX-2 series product perfectly meet the needs of practical applications, provide a rich IO interface, and can be optional with varieties of Intel CPU platforms. The industrial box computer can realize industrial wide temperature range of -20~+70C, which is perfectly applied to intelligent garbage sorting system.