Application Of Industrial Control Computer In Bank Intelligent Counter

- May 08, 2020-

The bank's smart counter can handle 80% of personal non-cash business, which has changed the long queue of VIP stuffing and integrated business windows in the past. The smart counter has saved customers a lot of queuing time and improved the efficiency of the bank. Many young people will take the initiative Choose to use the smart counter. In addition, the bank also specially arranges staff to assist customers to complete business operations, which is convenient for middle-aged and elderly customers.


It is understood that different banks have different settings for smart counters, but they can meet the needs of customers for basic business, such as self-service account opening, self-service card handling, password loss and reset, and customer information change. Smart banking usually refers to "smart" banks that can provide self-service and remote manual services. It combines modern financial industry and Internet technology, which can greatly reduce the waiting time for traditional banking outlets to handle business, simplify business processes, and improve Customer Experience. Improve the efficiency of work and complete the business that originally needed to be handled at the counter under an independent scenario.

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