Automation System Is The Main Development Direction Of Smart Home

- Jun 14, 2019-

Smart home security has always been one of the most concerned topics for users. Although smart homes can bring convenience to users, first of all, we must ensure the safety of users at home. The development prospects of smart homes are generally optimistic. Many companies have transformed into the smart home industry and launched many smart devices to meet the needs of the market.

For smart home products, the first step in internal repair is functionality. Smart homes enable a more convenient life, and all of this requires powerful features to achieve. Smart life includes many sectors, such as electrical control, lighting control, security system, and environmental regulation. We need many powerful functions to connect smart home to this huge Internet of Things. The functionality of the product is obviously more important.

Home intrinsic function

(1) Home wiring system: The realization of home intelligence, the first step is to build the home wiring infrastructure, the home wiring system to the telephone, limited TV, computer network, audio and video system bus line unified planning, layout, centralized management, to achieve home Intelligent provision of network platform, through the home integrated wiring can achieve computer networking, sharing broadband services, telephones, etc., so that the home internal wiring system has a good scalability to meet the needs of different users.

(2) Home security system: Nowadays people have higher and higher requirements for security systems. Home security systems can effectively use the Internet of Things to achieve security. Home security system anti-theft and other functions, while remote control monitoring, allowing remote and foreign residents to know the internal situation of the home through remote network or telephone, while monitoring and monitoring all the dynamics of the home.

(3) Home automation system: The main body of smart home is home automation. In the future, home automation is the control of electrical appliances such as home appliances and lighting. The automation system can control home interior lighting or home appliances centrally or distributedly, and residents can remotely control home internal devices via the network or by telephone. Home automation system is the main development direction of smart home in the future.

(4) Family experience system: People's requirements for life experience are getting higher and higher, and the demand for home audio-visual system, home internal environment, and network virtual environment is also increasing. The consumption expenditure used in this area is more and more. The higher the future, the more intelligent the home will satisfy people's consumption.

The smart home market is a piece of cake. All smart home manufacturers can calm down and compete while vying for this piece of cake. While paying attention to product design, they can consider the practicability of the product and do both internal and external repairs. Walk longer yards.