Black Technology In Shenzhen, TAICENN Tell You New Tricks On Industrial Computer

- May 30, 2019-

With the rise of the emerging science and technology revolution and the entry of mankind into the era of intelligence, high-tech development has a long-term significance. It has accelerated the development of high-tech industries and promoted the deep integration of new-generation high-tech technologies such as the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence with the real economy. And using new technologies, new formats, new models, stimulating market vitality and social creativity, innovation leads the rapid growth of high-tech industries, and the formation of new kinetic energy is an important trend and goal of economic development today and in the future.

TAICENN Black technology

On May 24th, the 3rd Black Technology Festival of Chinese Enterprises Digital Software Industry Exhibition was successfully held in Shenzhen. The event brought together top talents and companies in the digital industry to showcase various innovative black technology products, technologies, software and cases in the digital industry. Emerging high-tech industries are booming, and all industries have cutting-edge core technology products. As one of the core devices of intelligent manufacturing, industrial computers have entered a new era. How can industrial computers in the new era adapt to the high integration of various technologies in intelligent systems? Apache gave the answer at the event.

Mr. Hu Quanxuan, Marketing Director of Apci, took the concept of “modularization” of industrial computers as the starting point and explained the modular 2.0 core technology products based on E8 series. The main board is divided into various function blocks, the main module is the CPU, followed by the memory, the hard disk, the function interface, etc.; further improving the efficiency and maintenance rate of the product realization. And provide strong support for the industry ODM. It shows everyone new hardware, new software, new technologies, new processes and new materials that are slowly infiltrating into our lives and productions in the industrial control industry.


One of the purposes of this event is to build a most valuable communication platform for domestic software practitioners. Let more black technology be transformed into productivity and more for social production. In response to this event, Apache will focus on the development and progress of the foundry industry with the aim of "promoting the digital transformation of society and enterprises and making data into productivity".

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