Brazilian National IoT Plan Has Been Completed

- Jun 15, 2019-

Xinhua Finance, Sao Paulo, June 15 (Reporter Peng Hua) According to Brazilian media reports, Brazilian Science and Technology Innovation and Communications Minister Pontes submitted the draft of the National Internet of Things plan to the presidential palace on the 14th. It is expected that the bill will be passed to the industry. The economic contribution was as high as $172 billion.


The Internet of Things will be the future of industrialization in cities, factories and homes. The purpose of this plan is that with the arrival of 5G technology, the government will focus on promoting the construction of the Internet of Things to stimulate the economy and attract investment.

The bill will reduce tax credits in some technology-related fields in the future. Priority industries include: industrial, agricultural, health and smart cities. The bill is consistent with the previous Perat goal of expanding the country's broadband access approved by the National Telecommunications Authority of Brazil (ANATEL). The Brazilian National Telecommunications Authority also proposed to amend the relevant laws of the Telecommunication Generalization Fund (FUST) to use the fund resources in broadband-related projects.

It is reported that the fund has accumulated a total of about R$ 20 billion, of which only R$ 200,000 is effectively invested in projects related to the telecommunications sector. Pontes said that without the network connection, there is no possibility of the existence of the Internet of Things. Unlocking this fund will help the Internet of Things.

He also said that the draft of the Internet of Things plan was born in the market and consumers for the 5G technology. In the competition of 5G technology of major communication equipment suppliers, the Brazilian government decided to still adopt the technology and services of China Huawei. Pontes said that Huawei provides a wide range of services in the construction of Brazil's telecommunications system infrastructure.