Can GPU Graphics Cards Replace CPU Processors?

- Jan 21, 2020-

Fundamentally, CPUs and GPUs have different purposes, have different focuses, and have different performance characteristics. The CPU performs faster in some jobs, and the GPU may be better in another job.

A GPU is more suitable when you need to do the same thing with a large amount of data, and a CPU is most suitable when you need to do a lot of data with the same thing.

However, in practical applications, the latter situation is more, that is, the CPU is more flexible and capable of more tasks. What can the GPU do?

About graphics and large matrix operations, such as machine learning algorithms, mining, brute force password cracking, etc.

Simply put, the CPU is good at complex operations such as branch prediction, and the GPU is good at performing simple operations on large amounts of data. One is complicated labor, and the other is a lot of parallel work.