Capacitive Touch Panel PCs Are Growing Fast

- Feb 17, 2020-

As people's dependence on mobile phones becomes more and more serious, many usage habits have been changed by

mobile phones, such as industrial Panel PC. 

Once the cost of industrial Panel PC caused most factories to choose to use resistive touch Industrial Panel PC, but with the advent of the mobile phone era, everyone has gradually used capacitive screens on touch screens. 

Since many people are used to playing mobile phones, they have also largely inherited the operation of industrial Panel PC. With the related operating habits of smart phones, when the popularity of smart phones, industrial Panel PC have gradually entered the era of capacitance.


In the current market, whether it is an automated factory or an intelligent terminal service platform, an industrial Panel PC with the following characteristics is required: visually attractive, low power consumption, high performance, small enough form factor, and high cost-effectiveness. 

To meet these requirements, the market is rapidly turning to capacitive touch industrial Panel PC.

Since the first popularization of industrial Panel PC was resistive touch, the number of industrial Panel PC with resistive touch in the market is very high, while industrial Panel PC with capacitive touch are continuously eating away at the market and achieving rapid growth.

Next step, capacitive touch will expand to more sizes and fields, not only to solve the problem of large size, but also to solve the problem of small size, expand waterproof capacity and other original

solutions, so that industrial Panel PC can be quickly promoted to the market.