China Becomes The World's Third Largest Machine Vision Application Market

- Apr 21, 2020-

Machine vision is a system that uses a machine to replace the human eye for measurement and judgment. It automatically acquires the image of the target object through optical devices and non-contact sensors, and the image processing equipment performs various tasks based on the pixel distribution, brightness, and color of the resulting image A kind of arithmetic processing and discriminant analysis to extract the required characteristic information or perform motion control on some field devices according to the discriminant analysis results. Image processing devices in machine vision systems generally use computers, so machine vision is sometimes called computer vision.

In the early development of machine vision, it was mainly concentrated in Europe, America and Japan; as the global manufacturing center moved to China, the Chinese machine vision market became an important target market for international machine vision manufacturers after North America, Europe and Japan. According to CB Insight data, China is now the third largest application market for machine vision after the United States and Japan, accounting for 7% of the global market share.

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