China (Chengdu) International Industrial Automation And Robot Exhibition 2019

- Dec 15, 2018-


Sponsored by Sichuan Provincial Institute of Automation and Instruments, Chengdu Robot Industry technological Innovation Association, Chengdu Automation Research Association, etc. The 20th China (Chengdu) International Industrial Automation and Robot Exhibition is scheduled to be held on October 11-13, 2019 at the New International Convention and Exhibition Center of Chengdu Century City. The exhibition will focus on "Industry 4.0" and boost "made in China 2025". Speed up the "machine replacement" process to achieve scientific and technological revolution and industrial change. At the same time, we will hold the "Li Jia International Machine tool Exhibition-Chengdu Exhibition" to share audience resources. 

Exhibition time arrange:

Exhibition Prepare time: 8th ~ 10th Oct. 2019, 9: 00~18: 00: 

Exhibition time: 11th ~ 13th October 2019: 9: 00: 16: 30 

withdrawal time: October 13, 2019 after 16:00 

Simultaneous Forum: 

1, Forum on Industrial Robotics and Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies 

2, Conference on the Application and Innovation of artificial Intelligence in Western Industry,

3, 2019 Intelligent Manufacturing Ecological Construction 

Forum scope: 

industrial Automation and Industrial Robotics Exhibition area: industrial Robotics, Robot development platform and software, robot parts and components, manipulator, industrial 4.0 intelligent factory overall solution, industrial electrical system, industrial control system, industrial computer equipment, industrial automation software, interface technology, Man-machine interface, connector, low-voltage switching device, man-machine interface device, micro-system technology, laser technology, mechanical parts, industrial measurement and instrumentation, industrial communication, industrial automation information technology and software, Factory integrated management software, industrial IT software, industrial basic systems and development tools, factory production software, cam divider, FA factory automation parts; 

Embedded display area: industrial computer, embedded motherboard, data acquisition board, operating system, middleware and application software, embedded development tools embedded technology, industrial storage, industrial power supply, Embedded power supply, chassis, keyboard and so on; 

Electronic production equipment exhibition area: SMT technology and equipment, mechanical manufacturing and automation, welding equipment and materials, testing and measurement, electronic manufacturing automation equipment, electronic manufacturing services; 

AGV car exhibition area: AGV automatic logistics equipment and system, AGV automatic truck, AGV unmanned vehicle, omnidirectional mobile AGV car, intelligent AGV car, etc;

Fluid transmission and control area: hydraulic technology, pneumatic technology, rubber and plastic sealing technology, mechanical and packing static sealing technology, related special equipment and testing instruments, transmission media, pumps, valves, etc. Mechanical transmission, parts and manufacturing equipment exhibition area: gear transmission, chain drive, belt transmission, transmission coupling, fastener, spring, powder metallurgy, all kinds of mechanical equipment and testing instruments; 

Machine vision technology exhibition area: black and white intelligent camera, line scan intelligent camera, color intelligent camera, CMOS intelligent camera, ID code reader, image processing software, machine vision tool software, industrial lens, FA lens, High resolution lens, image scanning lens, light source, intelligent vision, surface detection, etc.