China Own The Most Industry Category All Over The World

- Oct 24, 2019-

The United Nations finally publicly admitted that China now owns the most industry category in the world, and the United States and Russia cannot achieve this.

China now has 39 industrial categories, 525 subcategories. And china also is the only country with all industrial categories which the United Nations defined. Today, China even surpasses the United States at the industrial level, and even the United States and Russia publicly recognize it. It is all known that at the beginning of the founded of New China, Chinese industrial foundation was zero. At that time, no countries believe in China.


China wants to develop industry, but Western countries have instigated a technical blockade against China. At that time, the Soviet Union helped China and made Chinese industrial level greatly to improve. After that, the Chinese people made unremitting efforts to develop many new industrial machines, and later applying it to the military. Today, Chinese industrial military is ahead of the world, blocking its previous doubts with its own real military level.

China is now a powerful military country. It has very advanced weapons and equipments in the country. Saudi have increased their orders and regarded China as their military weapon supplier. They have recognized China's military technology. And the military industry system, China has greatly enhanced its economic strength because of orders from these countries, and more than the study of military industry, and strive to create more sophisticated military weapons.

The current China has already say goodbye to the predicament of life without food and clothing. Now, China is determined to become a "world factory." Chinese manufacturing is sweeping across the country. We can see from the financial turmoil of 2008, when Western countries were all back to their original domestic economy. But "made in China" was the least lost in the financial crisis.


We can see from the 95% of all the industrial sectors that has determined by the United Nations. Today's Chinese manufacturing is already very good, and China is also increasing its manufacturing progress, inspiring from "Made in China." We can believe that in the near future, more countries will use Chinese products and believe in Chinese military industry.