Chinese Industrial Internet Of Things Application Conference And China Digital Factory And Application Conference 2018

- May 24, 2018-



Industrial Internet of things is not a new word, but since 2015, with the narrow band cellular Internet of things, close communication and other underlying technology solutions mature; With the rapid development of digitization, cloud computing and big data, the integration of these new technologies has begun to infiltrate into various industries. Many IT devices have been targeted at the traditional industrial manufacturing field, and the industrial Internet of things has officially landed from the concept. 

At the same time, with the promotion of the "made in China 2025" policy plan, it has a network foundation and a market operation. Standard customization and brand recognition and other advantages of operators as the leader of the construction of the Internet of things are also set up the corresponding departments and subsidiaries of the Internet of things really contribute to the overall construction of the Internet of things. 

According to statistics from a number of third-party organizations, at present, domestic enthusiasm for Internet of things technology venture capital has been high. Since 2015, the amount of venture capital in open fields such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, and unmanned driving has accumulated more than 50 billion yuan. Greatly accelerate the maturity of the industry and the landing of related applications. 

The industrial Internet of things (IIoT) turns every link of the production process into a data terminal, collects the underlying basic data in all directions, and analyzes and excavates the data at a deeper level, thus improving the efficiency and optimizing the operation. 

One of the advantages of the industrial Internet of things is that each node is providing the entire system with information or decision data that it processes, when a node fails or when the data changes. The whole system automatically adjusts according to the logic relation, which enables the decision maker to reduce the decision cost greatly. With the rapid development of the domestic industrial Internet of things, solutions for various industries are becoming more and more mature, perfect and easy to use. ZTE and a number of listed companies such as local industrial Internet of things solutions for the first year of development. 

In order to promote the process of intelligent logistics integration of intelligent manufacturing in South China, and to explore the future of the integration of digital factories and intelligent logistics in China, Our Association will host the China Industrial Internet of things Application Conference and China Digital Factory and Application Conference on May 23. 

How can the Internet of things be implemented in Industry? 

How should Digital factories and the Internet of things be combined? the Future trend of Smart creation, right now! The conference will unveil the veil for you. .