- Apr 08, 2020-

With the continuous progress and development of the network, the Internet of Things has gradually become a trend. The embedded industrial computer networking in the CNC machine tool system can also significantly improve the production efficiency of the enterprise. With the popularization and application of CAD / CAM integrated technology (integrated industrial computer) and local area network technology, most companies have significantly improved the efficiency and quality of new product design and development, process programming and CNC machine tool programming , Enterprise technology management and production management have entered the network era. The management of CNC machine tools closely related to CAD / CAM is still in its original state, which has become a bottleneck restricting the improvement of modern management of enterprises. Realize the network management of enterprise CNC machine tools, so that the management level of the enterprise has been newly improved. 

1. System principle CNC machine tool is mainly composed of CNC device, servo mechanism and machine tool body. The program instructions input to the numerical control device are recorded on the information carrier and received by the program reading device, or directly input manually by the keyboard of the numerical control device. The numerical control device includes a program reading device and input, calculation, control, and output parts composed of electronic circuits. According to the control functions that can be realized, the numerical control device can be divided into three types: point control, linear control and continuous trajectory control.

Second, the main problem before CNC machine tools are networked. For CNC machine tools with relatively small program requirements, manual keyboard input has always been used. The disadvantages of this method are: low efficiency, long machine time, and error-prone. For numerical control machine tools with large program input, a desktop computer is placed next to the machine tool for program transmission. The disadvantages of this method are: harsh environment, difficult computer maintenance; more commercial system software, adaptability and upgrading difficulties; complex operation methods, high requirements for the operator's quality; multiple people operating a computer, management of program files confusion. Therefore, the embedded industrial control computer has become a better choice. Here, Inkstone's embedded industrial control computer is adopted, which has high-performance processing performance, rich I / O interfaces, and the expansion ability to meet customer applications.

Third, formulate solutions to problems. Through various investigations, the internal LAN of the enterprise has developed to a certain scale. In order to enhance the manufacture of China to the creation of China, the integration of CAD / CAM applications in many enterprises is already very common. The road is a good choice for solving problems. In the machine tool networking system, the network server, LAN line, CAD / CAM system and CNC machine tool are the existing resources of the enterprise; the system management machine is an embedded industrial control computer installed with network-specific software, which can manage the client software Installed on any computer in the local area network as a management workstation; the networked system management machine is a dedicated computer that runs a customer management operating system. Its role is to accept the scheduling of each workstation and send instructions to all CNC machine tools on the network to achieve machine tool information. The unified management of the remote communication interface device is a multi-serial port distributor dedicated to the communication between the main control machine and the machine tool. Its feature is that it can realize long-distance transmission without signal loss. After the network of CNC machine tools is realized, there will be significant improvements in CNC program management and program transmission.