Compared To Commercial Tablet, What Are Industrial Features Of Industrial Panel PC?

- Nov 14, 2019-

With the introduction of Industry 4.0 and China Manufacturing 2025, industrial automation, digitalization, and intelligent applications are becoming more widespread. In the growing industrial market, more and more factories and enterprises are gradually transforming and developing automation platform and equipment. According to TAICENN's current observations, a large number of industrial automation equipment manufacturers have change into more "industrial" industrial touch panel PC and industrial monitors, but still a large number of automation equipment manufacturers continue to use normal commercial Panel PC or commercial monitor. So, what are the industrial properties for industrial automation applications of industrial flat panel PC products?


As a solution provider & manufacturer of industrial computer & industrial display system solutions, TAICENN compares industrial panel PC and commercial grade products, and introduces the following:

1- Attributes of the motherboard:
Industrial boards at are often positioned for long-term reliability and long-term supply support. When the mainboard is developed and designed, it will definitely be based on long-term support. The development and design of the motherboard is based on the industrial level, and the component & materials will use more stable and reliable IC components. However, for normal commercial mainboards, in order to achieve low price and high price advantage, the design life cycle of the mainboard is generally not very concerned, so the motherboard material may be much lower quality, and the industrial mainboard of the industrial panel PC will be higher quality and supply cycle, it can reach a life cycle of 5 years operation.

2- Selection of component materials:
The commercial display panel or monitor generally only need to meet the requirements of normal use, but the service life will be relatively short, or it may be plastic mold manufacturing, which has an advantage in cost. Industrial panel PC and touch monitor have higher requirements on material quality and stability. Their design structure is often based on sheet metal material, which can be used in complicated industrial field environments to ensure that the machine operates reliably in industrial environment.

3- Reliability:
Due to the market positioning of commercial all-in-one PC, the reliability certification of their products will be relatively low, while the industrial panel PC are mainly aimed at the complicated industrial application market, and the requirements for quality and stability will be more important. In general, industrial environment tests, such as vibration, drop, high temperature, humidity, and cooling system are performed before each product is released. In some oversea markets, users even have higher requirements on reliability.

4- More complex integration features:
The commercial all-in-one system or monitor can only be used for simple use. Industrial touch panel  PC and monitor products not only can be used by industrial users, but also require more complex integration functions, so that industrial panel PC products can be integrated into the whole industrial field environment, such as IO cards, capture cards, cameras, and various bus interfaces.

5- More demanding on-site environment:
In view of the more complex on-site environment, such as dust, oil, outdoor, raindrops, vibration and drop, the industrial Panel's high-strength metal structure and fanless design ensure that the machine can run stably in the harsh industrial environment. Commercial all-in-one are limited to a better environment and cannot be used in complex environments for a long time.

6- Customized and lightly modified design requirements:
For industrial field application requirements, simple modification and non-standard customization will be more common, and ultimately achieve the structure and function of customers' requirements; however, for commercial all-in-one and monitor, low-cost plastic mold manufacturing structure can not meet low end requirements. The small quantity of industrial projects does not cover the commercial products modification cost.


Conclusion: In general, the actual small-volume & multi-customized attributes of the industrial market determine the difference. We can see that the advantages of industrial panel pc and industrial monitor have more industrial market advantages than commercial grade products. TAICENN focus on modular structure design and manufacturing of our embedded box computer and Industrial Panel PC products, which quickly solves the problem of pain-points of industrial computer and industrial display system products for customers, so as to provide flexible and rapid technical support services for customers.