Customized Industrial Panel PC Used For Kitchen Automation

- Nov 18, 2019-


Kitchen automation, also known as "smart kitchen", uses the latest intelligent information technology and network technology to solve advanced systems for kitchen supervision and food safety management for various restaurants, schools, enterprises, and other organizations.To complicated, cumbersome, and arduous food safety production management through advanced network technology, information technology and industrial control platform, Kitchen automation offers standardized procurement, storage, processing, environment, recipes, meals...etc.; To food processing operations Key points and daily-food safety management, Kitchen automation introduces early warning reminder functions, timely discover and correct the violations found in the real-time monitoring process, makes them systematic and achieves food safety management in a disciplined and orderly manner; It makes kitchen management intelligent and saves a lot of labor costs in management. Together, it also improves quality.


In general, the kitchen automation software platform includes the kitchen OA office system, the food safety personnel learning training test system, the comprehensive evaluation system, the payment system, the management system, the supplier management system, the order system, the recipe management system, big data analysis, and ingredients traceability system, education bureau supervision system, food and drug supervision bureau supervision system ...etc.

Application requirements:
The kitchen automation application relies on customer-developed automation software, allowing kitchen operators to easily and clearly interact with humans and machines, providing excellent and smooth service for kitchen processes and safety management. This project aims to provide kitchen operators with an information system hardware platform, combining IoT, network technology and touch technology to achieve process and automation management. This not only provides food safety for diners, but also speeds up the kitchen. Kitchen operators can use the industrial touchscreen Panel PC to realize information interaction and realize glove safety touch function. Due to the special use environment of the kitchen, such as oil stains, water droplets, and glove touch, this require demands on the special structural design of industrial panel computers.

TAICENN solution:
As a solution provider & manufacturer of industrial box computers, industrial panel PCs and industrial touch monitor products, TAICENN confirmed the actual application environment and hardware platform requirements after consulting and summarizing with the system customers. The automation system will use the Ubuntu operating system, and the computing performance requirements are relatively low; the 15.0-inch and 1024*768 resolution display can be satisfied; considering that the operator may use the glove, the capacitive touch must be compatible with complicated kitchen environment; The industrial panel PC system is required to apply the non-holes and sealed design as much as possible; for the wireless WIFI availability, we provide a built-in WIFI antenna solution, and also optional external WIFI antenna availability.



Product Features:
● High-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy material, sheet metal structure;
● 15.6-inch widescreen LCD screen, LED backlight, resolution 1366*768;
● Intel Baytrail platform, J1900 quad-core four-thread low-power processor;
● Multi-point capacitive touch (up to 10 points), EETI high precision touch algorithm;
● Fanless pure flat and ultra-thin design, front panel IP65 protection;
● Embedded panel installation, support VESA 75/100 installation;
● DC 9~24V voltage input with overvoltage and overcurrent reverse power protection;
● 2 Intel Gigabit Ethernet ports, 2 serial ports (optional 1 RS485), 4 USB ports (1 USB3.0);
● Optional expansion 3G/4G/LTE, or WIFI/Bluetooth wireless extension;
● Optional 2x 2w mini speaker with waterproof cover for interface;
● I/O interface: 4 USB, 2 GLAN, 2 COM, 1 HDMI, audio.