Prospects for Industry 4.0

- Aug 28, 2019-

The development of the industrial age

In the 1760s, with the rise of the British industrial revolution, the invention and application of a new power machine, the steam engine, brought mankind into the steam age. In the industrial 1.0 era of 1760-1860, the main symbol was the hydraulic and steam engine, which has realized mechanization; In the industrial 2.0 era from 1861 to 1950, the main symbol was electric power and electric motor, which realized electrification; during the period of industrial 3.0 in the period from 1951 to 2010 and the main signs are electronics and computers, which have achieved automation;

Nowadays, intelligence, information and personalization mark that we have entered the era of Industry 4.0, and the automation technology is booming in China.


Industrial automation and smart manufacturing

The development of Internet technology has subverted all industries in our time. And industry is the foundation of the times and the most solid cornerstone of economic development. Once combined, the two will inevitably shine a dazzling spark. "Internet big data + transmission manufacturing" is the essence of Industry 4.0. "Industry 4.0" is the first concept put forward by Germany. The United States immediately followed the launch of "Industrial Internet" and developed it into China. We have the goal of "Made in China". Of course, the essential content of these three is the same, they all point to a central point, that is, wisdom manufacturing.


Development prospects of industrial automation

The development of industrial automation in China is inseparable from the improvement of the technical level of many industries in the national economy. It is a key force for China to transform traditional industries and establish automated industrial systems and high-tech industries. Therefore, the development prospects of industrial automation are very positive.