Development Status Of Inspection Robot

- Jan 07, 2019-


In 2015, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Energy Bureau issued "guidelines on promoting the Development of Smart Grid". In just a few years, the smart grid has developed rapidly in China. Among them, as a key link of smart grid construction, intelligent patrol also ushered in the spring of development. At the same time, the use of intelligent inspection also drives the UAV, robotics and other industries new development opportunities. Power inspection will play an increasingly important role as a new opportunity for robots to display their talents.


China has included robotics and intelligent manufacturing in the country's priority areas of scientific and technological innovation. High-risk industry in China refers to the industry with higher risk and higher risk coefficient. Machine replacement to complete high-risk work, while helping enterprises to reduce costs. 

In the 13th Five-Year Plan, it is proposed to strengthen the prevention and control of occupational disease hazards by enterprises through technological innovation. The 2015 edition of the Classification of Occupational Disease Hazard factors published by the four ministries and commissions of the State has increased the number of the original 133 hazards to 454. In the face of increasingly stringent occupational disease prevention and control regulations, enterprises should invest more costs to ensure the safety of their employees. "Machine replacement", the application robot can improve the production efficiency, reduce the production cost, increase the technical content of the product and expand the competitive strength of the enterprise in the development of the enterprise. 

With China becoming the world's largest market for industrial robots, the "invasion" of robots in high-risk industries such as electricity is inevitable. With the reduction of labor market supply, some high-risk industries are facing the reality of labor shortage. This could be another driving force for robots to "go on the job" very quickly.

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