Five Advantages Of Embedded IPC In Commodity Functions

- Jan 08, 2020-

Due to the different needs of consumers, computers have two main directions: home computers and business computers. For home computers, it has attracted consumers with its stylish styling, high graphics card performance, multimedia display performance, rich expansion performance, and multi-channel sound cards. Some high-end home computers are even equipped with remote controls and stylish audio. It's like a home multimedia center.


Advantages of embedded industrial computer in terms of commodity functions:

1. Good stability and high reliability requirements. According to customer requirements, waterproof, dustproof and anti-vibration design can be carried out, and electromagnetic compatibility can be adopted.

2. Ultra-low-power fanless planning is mainstream. Due to the miniaturization of the equipment and the limited heat dissipation capacity, the MTBF ( Even Uniform Failure Time ) of the embedded system is also very high. Especially in unattended classes, ultra-low-power fanless planning becomes necessary.

3. High reliability requirements. On the basis of reliable planning for the use of electrical power, careful planning content such as heat dissipation planning, electromagnetic compatibility planning, dustproof and waterproof planning, and vibration prevention planning should be carefully considered.

4. The product function has good adaptability, fully matches the function of the measured target, and has a certain scalability, but does not take expansion as the main purpose, and the cost performance of the product is very high.

5. Equipment miniaturization is one of the most important manifestations. It is manifested in compact planning. There is no structural planning specification. External interfaces and the rational use of equipment space must be fully considered.

For commercial customers, industrial computers are attracting commercial customers to buy through stable appearance, perfect after-sales service, limited expansion performance, and high-speed operation. The industrial control computer is a completely different design concept. Industrial control computers are more used in harsh environments, and have strict requirements on maintenance, heat dissipation, dust protection, product cycle and size. Therefore, in the design and selection of the industrial computer platform, more consideration is given to the design and performance of the mechanism.