Four Characteristics Of TAICENN Modular Concept To Dock Industry 4.0

- Apr 16, 2019-

Different from other modular products on the market, TAICENN's modular TPC series is designed with more emphasis on the convenience of integration between modules. At the same time, the four outstanding advantages of the product are more significant in the face of the development needs of the industrial 4.0 era.

Industrial computer modular concept

High elasticity

Industry 4.0 puts higher demands on the rapid introduction of order products, and product suppliers need to design products that meet user needs in the shortest time. In view of the high degree of personalization and the ever-changing needs of end users, the primary advantage of our modular TPC is its high flexibility, which can respond quickly to market demands and orders, enabling solution designers to quickly design and assemble. Various solutions to meet the individual needs of end users have laid a good foundation for TAICENN to quickly design the industrial computer products required by users.

Maintenance simplification

The second advantage of modular TPC is the simplicity of maintenance. Industry 4.0 requires efficient automated production, and stable operation of the production line without failure downtime is the key to achieving this goal. When a traditional industrial computer product encounters a fault, it needs to be dismantled from the entire production line, which is very time consuming, and the modular TPC only needs to disassemble the corresponding fault part, and previously requires two operators. 

Quick customization

In addition to the high degree of automation in production, an obvious feature of the Industrial 4.0 era is the small amount and variety of orders. The third advantage of modular TPC is just the same as the development trend, which is more suitable for customers' small, diverse and large-scale product customization needs. After obtaining the customized order, TAICENN only needs to complete the necessary features such as the appearance and name of the product, and then join the back-end industrial computer module to complete the customization of the product. Such a business has very obvious advantages and market competitiveness in the booming customized business.

Easy to maintain and upgrade

The fourth advantage is the ability to actually provide great help when upgrading users. Due to changes in the market and the increase in user demand, manufacturers must upgrade their controller products for a period of time after the selection of TAICENN TPC products, and the level of intelligence will be continuously improved to better implement Industry 4.0. The traditional TPC products are often replaced by all replacements, while the modular TPC only needs to upgrade the back-end industrial computer modules. This is not only convenient, but also greatly reduces the cost of the customer in one cycle.

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