Garnter: Cloud Computing Grows Fastest 25 Times The Overall IT Market

- Jun 19, 2019-

On June 14, news from market research firm Gartner showed that cloud computing has become the fastest growing technology sector, with an overall growth rate of 25%, while the overall IT market growth rate is only 1.1%, and migration to the cloud has become IT. The main driver of spending.

According to Gartner, while much of the money is spent on IT hardware such as servers, infrastructure, and networking equipment, all of this spending will eventually shift to the cloud. Compared with traditional IT hardware, cloud computing has obvious advantages such as flexible capacity expansion, on-demand use, and volume-based payment. More companies will migrate to the cloud in the next few years.

At present, enterprises are not only migrating to the cloud, but "full station cloudization" has become very common. As early as 2008, the US video site Netflix began to abandon its IDC data center and migrated to Amazon AWS, which supported the growth of more than a thousand times since then.

And a new generation of Silicon Valley star companies, such as Airbnb, Pinterest, Lfyt, etc., all grow on the cloud. They all rely on cloud computing to support companies to achieve breakthroughs from 0 to 1, and then to explosive growth from 1 to N.

A similar trend is also emerging in the Chinese market. More than 80% of the startup technology companies have been running on the cloud platform since the first day of establishment, while more companies are also moving off the offline IDC data center to move the business to the cloud.

In 2018, the leading cloud storage enterprise 115 technology migrated all the company's data to Alibaba Cloud, completing the largest public cloud data migration in the history of the Internet, totaling more than 100PB.

According to the Deutsche Bank analysis report, 84% of companies in China now have the willingness to go to the cloud and think that the cloud is the future.

In March of this year, Zhang Jianfeng, president of Alibaba Cloud, publicly stated that the era of "full station cloudization" has arrived. In the future, Alibaba will have to work for 1-2 years to achieve 100% business running on the public cloud and become "cloud of the Alibaba."