Germany Partner Visit TAICENN Facility

- Mar 15, 2019-

In this week, from monday (12th-March) to Thuesday (14th-March), our core parnter from Germany kindly visit TAICENN shenzhen office and chengdu factory.

   - In 12th-March, customers visited our office, start to discuss a lot of TAICENN A family product line and T family product line; Together, we also discussed our business relationship; In the afternoon, we flied to our Chengdu factory.

   - In 13th-March, customers visited our factory; In the morning, we had a complete factory tour of our 3600 square meters facility, including the 1st floor warehouse, 2nd floor production line and 3rd floor factory office area; In the afternoon, we will have a details discussion on products line, coming roadmap and new product; We also discussed the current projects together. 

   - In 14th-March, we arrange a staff to take customers look around the Chengdu city, which is famours as Panda city in china. As we all know, there are only around 300 pandas in the whole worlds. 

Visiting production line:

Production line

Visiting Meeting room:

Meeting room

It has been a big success to discuss face to face, together with reference staff, such as engineer team, mainboard R&D team, and QA/QC team, making our customers very satisfied with this visit.

TAICENN wish all of our partners to visit our facility, and be able to build up a long-term business relationship together.

Shenzhen TAICENN Technology Co., Limited

Sales & Marketing team

15th-May, 2019

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Thank you for your support and cooperation!

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