Good Future Of AGV Parking Robots

- Jan 07, 2019-


December 29, Hangzhou Qianjiang New Town Investment Group "Future parking?" Dragonfly Park. As far as we know, this project is the largest AGV robot parking project in China and is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

AGV is one of the key equipment of modern logistic system, such as flexible production line and stereoscopic storage system. With the advantages of high degree of automation, sensitivity, safety and so on, AGV is widely used in automobile manufacturing and household appliances. Automation production and warehousing systems, such as heavy industry, have been widely used. 

The AGV robot mainly carries on the material transportation work in the flexible production line and the three-dimensional storehouse. Earlier, the robot can automatically access loading and unloading stations, workstations and shelves, and meet 24 hours of uninterrupted working conditions, a good solution to the current warehouse in the long hours, large amount of handling, complex handling lines, flexible high demand. Therefore, because of these advantages of AGV robots, AGV also stride into another application field, that is, AGV robot parking. 

AGV is the acronym for "Automated Guided Vehicle", which is translated as "automatic guidance vehicle" and is now commonly referred to as "AGV robot" or "mobile robot". 

In fact, AGV early in the 1950s, the United States Institute of Materials handling for the United Kingdom's Barret design of driverless truck definition. With the development of AGV robot, it has penetrated into production and manufacture. 

The AGV parking robot is guided by tape navigation, laser navigation, visual navigation and so on. The robot parking instructions are completed by the integration of vehicle board exchange, comb exchange, robot arm and other vehicle exchange technologies. 

Domestic enterprises have laid out parking AGV systems different from other mobile robots. The focus of AGV parking robots lies in their AGV parking systems. This system has the advantages of quick operation, high efficiency, simple structure, and strong controllability. Good safety and other characteristics.

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