How To Build The Smart City Through Modernizations

- Oct 21, 2019-

The continuous progress of the modernization process, the rushing of farmers into the city, the city becomes more and more bloated, and the urbanization process is constantly demanding, which makes the automation city more and more popular.


From the perspective of construction, the construction of smart cities includes “four modernizations”:

First, informationization, the number of personnel is increasing, and the more complicated and complicated the information management, the infrastructure and information infrastructure of infrastructure;

Second, Internetization, that is, "online", including the Internetization of life, production, services, and government affairs, offline commercial, service, and industrial low-cost industrial upgrading;

The third is intelligent, in the continuous improvement of commercial automation and industrial automation, urban intelligence requires commercial automation to slowly access the construction requirements of smart cities, mainly reflecting the means of big data, cloud computing, deep learning, artificial intelligence Intelligent infrastructure to improve the efficiency of urban governance;

The fourth is intellectualization, including smart life, smart service, smart credit, smart decision-making, smart governance, and smart innovation.

In the actual implementation of smart city construction, this “four-oriented” construction constantly requires advanced information software and intelligent hardware platform to intelligently manage more and more dense groups and communities on the basis of reducing personnel. . Through the industrial embedded computer control system and human-machine interface application platform, it provides a stable hardware platform for the development of smart cities, integrates various cash software, and contributes to the development of intelligent cities.

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