How To Help Chinese Manufacturing Industry Transition By Industrial Internet In The Industry 4.0 Era

- Jan 15, 2019-

First of all, industry 4.0 was put forward by Germany, and the industrial Internet was driven by an industrial Internet alliance, led by GE. The individual thinks that the division of the industrial development stage in Germany is not particularly reasonable, and the industrial 4.0 proposed by Germany is mainly to solve the contradiction of the service industry. The impact of this change on the society and economy is the one that is equivalent to the industrial revolution. and should not be a change within the industrial revolution. 


 In the era of industrial 4.0, the age of service civilization is more reasonable 

The industrial revolution opened a new era of tool-free physical labour, and the service revolution, my name for industry 4.0, was a new era of tool-free man's brain. 

According to this analogy: 

The iconic event in industry 1. 0 is the steam-modified steam engine, which began the manual effort of the machine-free man. 

Industry 2.0 is a landmark event, and the Germans think it's the use of Cincinnati's production line, and I prefer to use Ford's auto-line as a sign of the event, which has opened the industrial division of labor. 

The industrial 3.0 sign event is the invention of the PLC, and I prefer to analogy the event to the Watt-modified steam engine (the opening of the service revolution and the opening of the machine-free brain). 

Industry 4.0 marks the event, I prefer to use the invention of cloud computing as a segmentation, the cloud computing provides a carrier for the brain of the machine liberator, it is the carrier of artificial intelligence, no cloud computing, there will not have the latest round of artificial intelligence heat, At the same time, the calculation of the cloud also opens the social division of labor of the brain, which can be analogized to the social division of labor in the service industry. 

So I defined the invention of the PLC and the computer as the service industry 1.0, which is the opening technology of the machine-free man's brain. The invention of cloud computing, as a landmark event in service industry 2.0, will open the division of labor in the service industry. 

Industrial Internet is the carrier of the intelligent platform 

As a carrier of the intelligent platform, the industrial Internet is the carrier of the intelligent platform, so the industrial Internet is mainly based on the industrial Internet platform. 

Based on the industrial Internet platform, the data of all the equipment is collected, the data of the equipment is used, the intelligence of the data formation is realized based on the artificial intelligence technology, the enterprise can be provided in the form of service, and the labor division of the service industry can be realized based on the energy-sharing platform. 

In the future, the personalized customized products will be the mainstream, which means that the future product category will be more abundant and the production lot of the products will be smaller and smaller. This means that the production and manufacture of the supply chain system will no longer be a bottleneck, and the product design will meet the supply bottleneck under the condition that the product batch is smaller and smaller, and the product service will bring the service difficulty to be increased due to the small batch size. The attributes are similar to the service industry, whether product design or product service. 

The versatility of production facilities will become more and more strong when the differentiated competition of manufacturing enterprises will not be the competitiveness of production facilities and core products, and the future of production facilities may be in the form of a lease after the production facilities are generalized. 

The future factory is likely to be the leasing of production facilities with the service of human resources. The bottleneck of the manufacturing industry will be transferred to the product design. When there is a bottleneck, on the one hand, it is the transfer of human resources to the bottleneck, which is the increase of the design class. In addition, on the one hand, the design efficiency is improved, and the design division and the lifting efficiency can be formed by means of tools. 

The basis of the division of labor is the tool, the industrial Internet will be the tool of the design division of labor, and the problem of design and service in the whole life cycle of the product is solved.

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