How To Solve The Problem Of Excessive Temperature Of Industrial Panel Pc

- Mar 25, 2020-

The environmental temperature of some industrial sites is around 40 degrees Celsius. What effect does an excessively high temperature have on an industrial panel pc?
Industrial panel pc are subject to high and low temperature tests during production.Generally, industrial panel pc can be booted normally at -20 to 60 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is too low or too high, the industrial panel pc cannot be started. Under normal working conditions, industrial panel pc generally have no effect.
However, if it is in the process of running, the industrial panel pc may affect due to the high temperature. For example, the industrial panel pc will automatically reduce the frequency, resulting in slow operation, and serious damage to hardware, such as motherboard capacitors, power supplies, CPUs, etc.


Generally speaking, the industrial panel pc will consider the application site in the operating temperature. For example, when purchasing an industrial panel pc, for batches, a prototype is usually purchased and tested. During the process of starting your own software, the temperature of the CPU has risen too much. If you find that your computer often freezes and restarts for no reason, you must consider whether the industrial panel pc you purchased is experiencing cooling problems. .
The normal operating temperature of the central processing unit is 50 to 60 degrees Celsius. For long-term running of large software, the temperature may reach about 70 degrees Celsius. If the industrial panel pc is running shortly after it is turned on, and the processing software is running, its central processor is 70 to 80 degrees Celsius, or even above 100 degrees Celsius, and the motherboard issues an alarm, it must be the heat dissipation problem of that industrial panel pc.
Generally speaking, the industrial panel pc is designed with a fanless structure, which has such problems as narrow space and winding wires. In terms of heat dissipation, a large-area heat sink fin design is used to achieve efficient heat dissipation. If the working environment of the industrial panel pc is too high, for better operation, you can consider the heat dissipation structure of the industrial panel pc and its operating temperature description.