How To Solve The Problem Of Industrial Computer Noise Pollution?

- Mar 20, 2020-

The radiator is one of the main noise sources of industrial control computers. The more advanced and new the industrial control computer, the more complicated the internal processor structure, and the greater the heating. Therefore, the rationality of the radiator design is related to whether the industrial computer can work stably.

We all know that the internal hardware temperature of the industrial control computer is too high, and the system will be unstable. The direct result is that the industrial control computer cannot work normally, and it is even aged in advance.


First, reduce radiator noise

1.Silent radiator

The principle of the mute radiator is to increase the fan speed, accelerate the airflow speed, increase the fan diameter, widen the air duct, increase the wind area of the radiator, and increase the fan diameter. Alternatively, you can optimize the shape of the fan of the radiator and use a drainage design to avoid the flow of surrounding air instead of forcing the air.

2.Integration of radiator and chassis

The external "cold" air is sucked in by the radiators in front of the chassis and the radiators on both sides of the chassis through various accessories of the industrial computer. Finally, part of the hot air from the CPU is discharged from the radiator behind the chassis, and the other part is discharged through the power radiator This design can increase the air volume of the radiator, increase the speed, effectively dissipate heat, reduce the noise of the radiator, and extend the service life of the machine.

Second, speed control

The main goal of radiator fans is to meet the heat dissipation requirements of high-end and high-load processors, but in actual use, they mostly use mid-, low-load and mid-range mainstream processors, and do not need to use the maximum speed to provide the maximum air volume. The manufacturer will control the speed to reduce the noise of the heat sink.

Nowadays, industrial computers are more and more widely used. Basically all industries are involved. Noise industrial computers can no longer meet the needs of some users. Now it has been replaced by embedded fanless industrial control computers one by one.

Embedded industrial computer cooling:

The embedded industrial computer has no fan, adopts the method of balanced heat dissipation after centralized heating, and is close to zero noise. It is suitable for scientific research places and office places, and completely solves the problems of insufficient heat dissipation and insufficient noise of traditional industrial control computers.