Huawei Release Newest 5G Industrial Module, Help To Be Integrated Into Industrial Fields.

- Nov 08, 2019-

As we all know, Huawei, as the global leader in 5G technology, has already had the ability to cover 5G IoT scenarios of individuals, families and travel, including mobile devices, smart cities, smart retail, smart transportation and many other aspects. However, there are no any industrial modules released by various 5G manufacturers in industrial applications.


A good news is that Huawei recently released the first industrial 5G module for the industrial field, the MH5000. The introduction of this industrial module lays the foundation for the application of 5G in the industrial field, and it is a milestone for the development of industrial automation and industrial Internet of Things. Nowadays, the release of Huawei's 5G industrial module solves the problem of blank in the industrial field and forms a closed loop for the whole scene connection, setting a benchmark for the future 5G to truly realize the comprehensive popularity of various industries.

Huawei's 5G industrial module MH5000 is a vision of “redefining industrial IoT”. In terms of performance, the MH5000 is characterized by higher performance, higher reliability and more openness.

Higher performance: As Huawei's first single-core full-mode 5G industrial module, it is also the first NSA/SA dual-mode 5G industrial module. The downlink speed of MH5000 is up to 2Gbps, the uplink rate is up to 230Mbps, and the AP computing power is higher than 5 times. Level;
High reliability  MH5000 can also be designed in industry, working temperature can reach industrial temperature of -40 ° C - +85 ° C, which is the core blessing TrustZone;
More openness: MH5000 has a rich hardware interface, equipped with AI voice cloud ecosystem. At the same time, Huawei will provide three levels of service support as well as a full set of SDK tools and developer communities.

With Huawei's latest 5G industrial modules, we can expect that various types of 5G industrial modules will be released one by one. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will continue to interact with commercial IoT technologies, integrating them together into the system and application.


As a solution provider and manufacturer of industrial computers, industrial panel PC and industrial monitors products, TAICENN is actively exploring the new application of industrial internet of things and industrial automation. The construction of commercial 5G networks is very hot, and the construction of 5G networks in some cities in China is even developing very rapidly. With the release of the newly released 5G industrial module, we believe that the application of 5G wireless network in industrial projects will come sooner. In the development of the industrial IoT and industrial automation in the world, not only the pioneers and leaders of such industries as Huawei, but also other solution manufacturers are required to participate actively, in order to implement the industrial goods better and faster.