Important Indicator Of Industrial Computer Reliability-MTBF

- Dec 30, 2019-

MTBF is the mean time between failures. The unit is "hours", which represents the average time from the start of a new product to the first failure under the specified working environment conditions.

A larger MTBF value indicates higher reliability and better ability to work correctly. It reflects the time quality of the product, and it is a capability that reflects the product's ability to remain functional for a specified period of time.



MTBF = 1 / λpp

λp = λb * πEE * πQQ * πA * πCS * πLA * πSL * πTT

λp: Product failure rate

λb: Basic failure rate of parts

πE environmental factors

πQ quality factor

πA application factors

πC complexity factor

πL cumulative factor

πS electrical stress factor

πT temperature factor