Importing Spray Robots From The United States Will Impose A 10% Tariff

- May 14, 2019-

As a counter-measure against US tariffs on US$200 million in goods, the Office of the Tariff Commission of the State Council of China intends to increase the portion of the US$60 billion list of US goods that have been subject to tariffs from June 1, 2019. The tariff rate is increased by 25%, 20%, and 10%. For the tax items with a 5% tariff, the 5% tariff will continue to be imposed. When the news came out, the US stock market hit a sharp drop.

China Intelligent Network reporter saw in the "Notice of the Taxation Committee (2019) No. 3" announced by the Ministry of Finance that the import of painting robots from the United States will be subject to a 10% tariff. Goods that also impose a 10% tariff include: marine outboard ignition engines, safety razor blades, fire extinguishers, etc.