Industrial Application Of Edge Computing

- Jan 16, 2019-

With the transformation of manufacturing industry to intellectualized upgrading, the complexity of production equipment is getting higher and higher. A large amount of data may be only partially critical or meaningful. For example, in offshore oil drilling platforms, thousands of sensors generate a large amount of data, most of which may be irrelevant, and some just confirm whether the system is functioning properly. However, once the data of the machine is generated, it does not necessarily need to be sent through the network, which is unreasonable.

Therefore, in many cases, the edge computing system is required to process data, and then send daily reports to the central data center for long-term storage. The edge computing system reduces the amount of data in the network. At present, the application of edge computing in industry is reflected in several aspects, mainly for the monitoring and optimization of equipment and supply chain system.


Equipment protection. With the development of IT technology and industrial technology, the field machinery and equipment have been upgraded continuously, and have some computing capabilities. For example, intelligent pumps can use edge calculation for basic analysis, set the threshold of system security, and perform the action of pump closure if the equipment exceeds the limit. Edge computing devices for such applications mean that they can consistently perform critical tasks even if their connection to the cloud system is interrupted, without Internet connection and decision-making delays, as long as they are installed on the device side.

Performance monitoring. The efficiency of machine operation affects the output of the factory as a whole, so the equipment manufacturer usually monitors the machine in real time, so using edge calculation can get the data in real time and solve the problems on the spot in time. Although a lot of data analysis can be performed in the cloud, the time value of some information is high, and delays in response and waiting for decisions from the cloud can cause significant losses. Therefore, it is critical to use edge computing to analyze real-time data points from sensors in factories.

Supply chain optimization. To improve the efficiency of the factory, it is usually necessary to evaluate and optimize the whole production process, including product design, material procurement, manufacturing, sales and logistics. Edge computing can obtain data from multiple sources in a short time, and analyze them. It can adapt to the supply chain optimization plan in business system.

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