Industrial Automation Events In March

- Apr 18, 2019-

Guangzhou SIAF Exhibition

As an important exhibition in the automation industry, the SIAF exhibition is very influential in South China. This SIAF has set up six new industrial Internet themes, focusing on topics such as industrial software, industrial communication and industrial security, which is in line with the current industry development pain points.

In addition, in this exhibition, for the first time, the two main themes of machine vision and sensor are displayed in the same hall. The two promote each other to form a whole, and the advantages are doubled.

Munich Electronics Exhibition

Focusing on the electronics industry chain, in this year's Munich Electronics Show, the application of artificial technologies such as artificial intelligence and 5G has become the most important keyword for the audience, fully reflecting the determination of industry enterprises to accelerate their entry into the intelligent.

In addition, the pavilion with the theme of smart factory is still eye-catching. Today, when digitalization is fully integrated, how to refine the problem and let the technology actually land at different levels of user companies is still the direction of many suppliers.

Tianjin Industry Exhibition

This year's Tianjin Industry Fair still fully demonstrates the new power of “Made in China” and attracts the attention of many “international buyers”. In addition to covering traditional machine tools, automation and transmission, this Tianjin Industry Fair will focus on robotics. A large number of robot manufacturers at home and abroad have been assembled, and the platform for linking supply and demand has been fully utilized.

Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition

Based on the development of manufacturing equipment in South China, this year, SIMM Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition's "Shenzhen International Machine Tool Show, Shenzhen International Robotics and Factory Intelligent Exhibition, Shenzhen International Industrial Parts Exhibition" three comprehensive exhibitions, comprehensive display of metal processing industry chain Intelligent manufacturing technology and innovation.