Industrial Internet Looks Forward To 5G

- Jan 22, 2020-

This year, the scale of China's industrial Internet industry continues to maintain rapid growth. According to the preliminary estimates of the Industrial Internet Industry Alliance, the scale of the Industrial Internet industry will reach 800 billion yuan in 2019, growing at an average annual growth rate of 18%.

"5G + Industrial Internet" fusion innovation is not only an inevitable trend of industrial development, but also an important driving force for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy. The characteristics of 5G's ultra-large bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and massive connections are highly compatible with the requirements and goals of the Industrial Internet, providing key support and important opportunities for the construction of new industrial Internet infrastructure and the integration of innovative applications.


The Industrial Internet is full of expectations for 5G. The 5G network that the public knows is usually "you can download a high-definition movie in one second", but this is not just the need for 5G network. 5G has changed the application rules of 4G. 1G ~ 4G is for personal communication, and 5G is extended to applications such as the industrial Internet and smart cities.

The application of 5G networks on COMAC has innovated many industrial application scenarios: Based on the characteristics of 5G large bandwidth, "5G + big data + AI" technology for composite material defect detection has reduced the comparison test block by 90% and reduced personnel costs. 95%;

Based on the characteristics of 5G low latency, the "5G + cloud computing + machine vision" 8K visual inspection system has improved the detection efficiency by 300% compared to the previous one.

A 24-hour "black light production line" CNC fully-connected factory built on the basis of 5G large connection characteristics has nearly doubled the efficiency of traditional processing.