Industrial Internet Talent System Should Be Accelerated

- Mar 19, 2019-

Keywords: "Industrial Internet Talents"

This year's "Government Work Report" proposes to build an industrial Internet platform and expand "smart +" to empower the manufacturing transformation and upgrading. Focusing on this theme, Zhang Ying, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and the chief engineer of the Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Committee, pointed out that the construction and application of the Industrial Internet has put forward higher capabilities for the technical personnel and the skills of workers, both of which need to understand industrial operation needs and Network information technology must have strong innovation ability and practical experience. At present, the knowledge structure of the original informationized talents of enterprises has been difficult to meet the actual needs of the rapid development of industrial Internet.

In this regard, Zhang Ying put forward three suggestions.

First, increase the support of industrial Internet talent policy. It is recommended that industrial Internet talents be included in such documents as the “Guidelines for Manufacturing Talent Development Planning” of relevant ministries and commissions, and as one of the key talents in the manufacturing sector, they should enjoy the same preferential policies. Facing key universities, we are the first to explore the cultivation of industrial Internet talents.

The second is to set up an industrial Internet-related talent training and training base. It is recommended that relevant ministries, local governments, leading enterprises, and well-known colleges and universities jointly deepen the interaction of industrial Internet “production, study and research” in the key manufacturing areas of the national manufacturing industry, and jointly build an industrial Internet talent training base. And relying on relevant schools, scientific research institutions, industry enterprises, to build a number of industrial Internet professional and technical personnel to continue education base.

The third is to increase the training and introduction of industrial Internet talents. It is recommended to attract high-level industrial Internet talents around the world, with reference to the shortage of talent introduction methods, to attract domestic and international industrial Internet leaders and teams with the greatest efforts. At the same time, increase incentives for leading talents and professional and technical personnel in the industrial Internet. Establish a promotion system for high-skilled personnel (such as industrial Internet talents) to provide more development space and rising channels for talents.