Industrial Panel PC Develops So Fast Under The Background Of Industry4.0

- Jan 06, 2020-

Industry 4.0 has greatly changed the production mode of the manufacturing industry. As various driving devices, controllers and sensing units become more and more intelligent, the industrial Panel PC as a control center is easy to install and find new positioning. Integration of other equipment will become mainstream.

In the past, in order to issue instructions to the entire automation system, the configuration of the industrial Panel PC needed a good CPU to improve its computing power, and often it was necessary to make compromises in volume and heat dissipation performance. In the future, industrial Panel PC will likely play the role of transit, fit other industrial equipment, and then transfer the collected data to the system's main station, playing the role of arbitration and coordination between different devices and systems.

In the face of the new situation, industrial Panel PC will be more flexible, support I / O interfaces extensively, can be connected to various systems and devices, and can be easily mounted on various devices, or multiple industrial Panel PC are connected in series to support different systems and applications.

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