Innodisk Launched 2666 Wide Temperature And Rugged Ultra-short Version

- Dec 26, 2019-

Innodisk International today introduced the latest 2666 high-speed wide-temperature DDR4 VLP RDIMM, which is designed for industrial environments and provides the latest server optimization solutions.

Innodisk International officially launched the industry's first 2666 wide temperature ultra-low profile (VLP) RDIMM today. With the expansion of IT infrastructure in 2019, it will drive the data storage and computing needs of emerging AI applications. 

Innodisk is also the server market for this year. Demand is the first to pave the way, and it is the first to launch the 2666 DDR4 WT RDIMM VLP, which provides a comprehensive optimization basis for servers and actively expands global market share.

 Innodisk's new 2666 DDR4 WT RDIMM VLP is perfectly compatible with Intel® CPUs, including Xeon and Core systems, and has anti-sulfurization capabilities, providing 4G to 16G capacity options. The new specifications are tailor-made for server market applications: the use of ultra-short form factors to increase product heat dissipation, wide-temperature RDIMMs and anti-sulfurization functions are suitable for a variety of harsh environmental conditions, and DDR4 high-speed specifications are expected to once again improve server optimization performance.