Intel Released The Latest 11th Gen. Low-power Core I3/i5/i7 Processor Tiger Lake

- Sep 07, 2020-

Intel today released the 11th generation low-power Core processor Tiger Lake. Tiger Lake uses a 10nm SuperFIN process, the CPU part is a new Willow Cove architecture, up to Quad-cores and Eight threads. Thanks to the architecture upgrade and the 10nm SuperFin technology, the highest frequency of Tiger Lake reaches 4.8GHz, which is higher than the Sunny Cove 3.9GHz in the Ice Lake 10-generation Core.


The GPU core display part is the new Xe LP, which is also the first appearance of the Xe architecture. It is a low-power version with up to 96 EU execution units. The performance can be increased by up to 2 times. It also supports deep learning acceleration instructions DP4A, which can accelerate AI application.
The memory supports up to 32GB LPDDR4/4X-4266, 64GB DDR4-3200, and will also support LPDDR5-5400 in the future, and has Intel full memory encryption technology.
In terms of connectivity, PCIe 4.0 is natively supported for the first time, discrete graphics cards or SSDs are available, USB4, Thunderbolt 4 are supported for the first time, 4x DP/USB/PCIe are fully integrated, and each port has a bidirectional bandwidth of up to 40Gbps.


The continuous update and development of CPU technology and the continuous improvement of computing capabilities have further boosted the development of industrial computing. With the continuous breakthroughs in intelligence, 5G application development, automated computing, smart cities and transportation, and industrial Internet of Things, higher industrial computing power can further drive industry development.