LED Display Business Is Too Difficult?

- Dec 17, 2018-

In the second half of 2018, under the influence of the overall economic environment, the market situation of the LED display screen industry is also quite severe. At the same time, the competition within the industry is becoming more and more intense. Many enterprises are worried about whether the LED display screen market has weakened. The industry has to enter another "survival war". In fact, we should look at the problem dialectically. The market develops with each passing day, the industry is no longer the industry before.

Although the current market demand is some decline, but more of the original or from within the industry. First of all, after decades of development in the LED display industry, the entry threshold of the industry has already begun to change and grow. Not only that, the current commercial competition means before the screen enterprises have become complex and mature. For example, Simple price war is no longer popular, a lot of screen enterprises are more and more attention to improve their technology, products, brands, markets and other aspects of the comprehensive strength; Second, from the market point of view, the terminal customer group, also become more autonomous, strong and rational. They are no longer as easily attracted to low prices and inferior marketing techniques as they used to be, and more mature enough to find the products and technologies they really need in the market. 

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The "good" and "Bad" of the LED display Industry

"in recent years, although for LED display manufacturers, it seems that business is becoming more and more difficult on the face of it, in fact, it is in various categories." The threshold of specialization in various fields is getting higher and higher, whether it is the difficulty of technological innovation as hardware products such as LED display screen and solutions, or the innovation difficulty of soft power such as service, brand, enterprise management ability, etc. "especially after the early adjustment of industrial transformation and upgrading in the past few years, many substandard productivity has been eliminated by the market, and screen enterprises with poor quality are facing market clean-up. 

And even if some of the new entrants are no longer as fanatical as they were in previous years, whether it's a technology advantage or a new business model, they realize they only have a strong advantage of their own. In order to stand firm in the fierce market competition. 

But on the other hand, we can see that China's LED display industry has experienced more than 30 years of development, and has achieved a rapid rise from big to strong. However, it is still undeniable that within the industry, there are still a large number of shortcomings, for example, in the market products, there is still a mix of fish and water, some LED display manufacturers are also "jerry-building," "inferior good" and other opportunistic mentality, such as the industry before a large area of "dead lights" phenomenon. Not only that, after-sales service and industrial chain optimization and other aspects need to be improved. Different times of industrial development will lead to different problems, so we can not one-sidedly say that the market environment is not good business difficult to do. 

The real crisis in the current LED display industry is not the cold winter of the market and low demand, but the persistence of product technology and quality. In fact, the core problem is that "good blacksmiths are needed to make good steel," not only in products, but also in market promotion, after-sales service and other links must enhance competitiveness. On the other hand, for the industry, it also means that innovation and change are no longer easy and simple, more important is to meet the pain point needs of customers. Believe this is all manufacturers need in this round of industry competition threshold push up, upgrade process, must think about and solve the problem.