Letter Of Product Change Notification

- Nov 26, 2018-


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26th- Nov.- 2018

To whom it may concern,

Please find this Notification that TAICENN TM-PC series (Industrial Monitor) and TPC-PC series (Industrial Panel PCs) products will have a small change on backside chassis.

As we all know, the environment protection has been a serious subject to us all human beings. The Chinese government now has a strong determination on environment protection these many years, and has been more and more restrict on environment protection. To us and our products, the spray-paint treatment process is a very big factor on this. 

TAICENN always dedicates to provide the highest quality products & service to meet customers’ need, but protecting our environment has also been our top priority. So, we TAICENN decide to remove this treatment from our product process willingly step by step. 

Our changes: We will change the backside metal materials into SECC, which don’t need to do spray paint process, and keep a good appearance and color effect.

See the below pictures change:

The former products pictures:

The new updated products pictures:TPC-1

The updated new products pictures:


If any questions, kindly contact us.

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Shenzhen TAICENN technology Co., limited

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